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TV Shows that may be lost and forgotten–Part 1 of 3.

Let’s take a look at some TV shows that may be lost and forgotten. Obviously, these shows may not be lost and forgotten to all of our readers here at JPFmovies, but my guess is that at least two out of the three of the shows I’ve picked probably were lost, forgotten or maybe never heard of. The three lost and forgotten shows are: Love American Style, The John Laroquette Show and The Ropers. When I was thinking about the trio of TV for this post, I wanted some shows that had character but were not terribly popular and easily forgotten. I think each of these series fits the bill.

First Love American Style.

This gem aired from 1969 to 1974. Each show featured several vignettes each lasting about 10-15 minutes of unrelated stories of comedy & romance. The episodes featured different characters, stories, and locations and often featured the same actors playing different characters in several other episodes.

The show introduced the “mini comedic soap opera” form used later by Aaron Spelling for The Love Boat. In contrast to the The Love Boat, Love American Style’s episodes within the show had no connection to each other but told the same predictable light, emotional stories about love, romance, and relationships.

Garry Marshall (creator of Happy Days) said that Love, American Style was “where failed sitcom pilots went to die,” a theory that was true. If a TV producer could not sell a pilot, they would instead sell the script to Spelling, who took the best parts of the pilot and recast them as a segment on Love, American Style.

The series also used 10–20-second “joke clips” between the highlighted segments, which allowed the show to be padded to the required length without altering the main skits. These joke clips were considered then “risqué,” burlesque- comedy of visual jokes.

After the Show was canceled it became standard in syndication as the stations could edit the show to a half-hour by linking the clips with a main segment, successfully making ten seasons out of five.

They just don’t make them like Love American Style anymore. Some say that is good thing, but I disagree—the show is a fun look back into the campy humor of the late 1960’s and early 70’s. And of course there is the famous theme song that is tough to get out of your head once it is in there.

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