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You know what sucks? WordPress

I am trying to find a way to create a page for my site that will display all my post titles in alphabetical order. Sounds simple, right? Seems like there should be a plugin for that — and there are, several of them. But here’s the thing. My Dashboard in WordPress doesn’t include the plugin tab. Why? I can’t imagine.

Has anyone else out there experienced this kind of problem? Does anyone know how to get the WordPress Plugins tab to show its lovely face?

I know where the tab should be.
I know how to change the “screen options” in the upper right corner — that doesn’t give me a plugin tab option either.
I know where to find the tools and settings tabs — no dice there either.

Do I have to give up, and fail to give my readership what they are clearly asking for, a page with an alphabetized listing of all my posts? Do I have to create such a page by hand?

What gives?


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