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JPFmovies is having another DVD give-a-way! Be the first to answer these film related questions and you win the DVD of your choice.

To show our appreciation to the JPFmovie readers, we’ve decided to give away a DVD of your choice to the person that can answer the following film trivia questions–Note the answers to these questions may contain an element of subjectivity to prevent people from simply googling to find the answer:

  1. What movie is often considered Japan’s best “Film Noir” flick?
  2. Which Japanese warlord was killed by one of his own men for burning down a temple?
  3. Which Japanese swordsman fought at both the Battle of Sekigahara and the siege of Osaka Castle?
  4. What religious order is credited with saving the emperor of China from assassination?
  5. What film famously contains the line “don’t denigrate stones!”

Be the first to answer all five of these questions correctly and JPFmovies will send you the DVD of your choice.  Good luck and we look forward to hearing your answers.

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There was supposed to be a Tony Scott tribute here at JPFmovies but . . .

Dr. H. and I were supposed to do a tribute to the legendary Tony Scott over the weekend.  Alas, because Dr. H never dropped by, the tribute will have to wait.  So until he he decides to grace us with his presence, we will have to movie forward with a look at some other films until we get Dr. H on the same track.

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Our Next Tri-fecta is Movies Directed by Women!

After Dr. H and I finish the last of our “They had the budget but blew it” series I’ve decided to pay tribute to movies directed by women. We will examine three movies all directed by women. In fact if you can guess two out of the three directors I’ll even send you a DVD of your choice courtesy of JPFmovies. So stick around the films just might surprise you.

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Turk 182 Was Number 96!

Last night we posted a review of the 1985 classic Turk 182–our 96th review. We are almost at 100 folks. Also the rumors of my co-founder “DT” who went underground shortly after starting the sight resurfacing are true. She has will be providing a review by the end of the week. We at JPFmovies are very excited to the review and her return to the front lines of movie reviewing.


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