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What Some Guys Won’t do for a Little Action.

This movie has every indicator of crap: the bad acting starting from the beginning in a prison yard, it has the cliché good intentioned prison cellmate who is in on a double cross and that is just the beginning.  The best cliché of all is that it is about—you guessed it—a casino heist.

Reindeer Games is a pitiful mess of a feature, guaranteed to be one of the finest examples of a bad “B” movie ever made.  As we know, in today’s film world so seldom are action/chase movies invested with any sort of novelty or wit that it is sad to visualize some people actually enjoying this film.  I can’t believe John Frankenheimer lent his name to this abortion.  After he did some solid work on Ronin and Path to War, this John Frankenheimer thriller could have been promising, but it is every bit as bad as his Island of Dr. Moreau.  Crude, unnatural camera angles.  Awkward performances from all involved and a sloppy repetitive plot that abuses its audience in the most discourteous way.

Why does Chelize Theron take her clothes off twice in this movie?  Simple so people would go to see it.  The entire plot consists of a juvenile mistaken identity gag, played over and over as some pissed off teamster routinely holds a gun to Affleck’s head and threatens to kill him then changing his Bi-polar mind and agreeing to let him live again.  The entire movie is one big mess penned by Ehren Kreuger, the writer of the Brothers Grim and Scream 3—real deep, moving movies who is on his way to becoming Hollywood’s premier architect of plot holes and leaky scripts.

I would expect this bland crap from Affleck but the biggest letdown is Frankenheimer, who should have known better than to take on this pathetic project.


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And the Winner is: Silver E!!!

Silver congratulations what DVD would you like and let me know where to send it off-line so to speak!!

Remember folks that one week from now we will have another random drawing (and Silver can’t win both) so comment away.


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