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Let’s get back to some “B” Movies and by “B” I don’t mean Blockbusters.

I’ve decided to get back to many a movie watchers roots:  The “B” movie.  What do we mean by labeling a film a “B” movie?  Generally, when referring to a “B” movie in its current usage, the term has two rather contradictory connotations: depending on the context, it may indicate that a specific movie is a genre film with minimal artistic ambitions or the word might loosely refer to some big budget, mainstream movie with exploitation-style content often found in themes traditionally associated with the “B” movies.  In other words movies with themes that are rigidly formulaic with little ambition but to finish on schedule or a big budgeted gimmick-laden designed for trailers featuring vulgar subjects and often outrageous imagery.

Like it or not, under either definition most of the ilk that comes out of Hollywood are “B” movies and judging by box office revenues the public is perfectly happy to feast on this mediocrity.  So we should deal with these head on.  All is not lost, there are diamonds in the rough its just you have to mine for them.

So here is the deal, the next three movies fall within out definition of “B” movies.  I’ll let you know which (if any) I think are those diamonds and you let me know if I am way off base.


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