I almost feel betrayed.

17 Dec

Recently Quentin Tarantino listed his top films of 2009 (see and there was not one word about what in my opinion was the clear winner; that is, Red Cliff–whether parts 1 or 2.   Tarantino, a self-proclaimed HK film nut, ignores one of that genres undisputed heavy weight champion’s master pieces: Red Cliff.  Indeed, many of Tarantino’s films “borrow” (to say the least) from numerous HK films in both style and thematic plots.  Then he names Star Trek as the number one film of the year?  The repercussions of this border on the betrayal, betrayal of where Tarantino got his start and made his bones so to speak.  I still have a lot of respect and love for many Tarantino movies, but those positive thoughts have diminished greatly as it looks like on its face he is selling out to the Hollywood mainstream.

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