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Well Since We Are Discussing T.V. That Still Should Be In Production . . .

Well Since We Are Discussing T.V. That Still Should Be In Production . . .  I would like to bring up a show that was taken off the air after three seasons:  Arrested Development.  While I don’t have “regular” TV, nor have I for about 5 years now, I still managed to keep up with Arrested Development.  When I heard that show was being prematurely canceled after three seasons several items became apparent to me.  First is that in general Americans are dim-witted and could not follow the many jokes, quips and otherwise hilarious dialogue that pervaded the show.  When I asked my stepdaughter Emma what she thought about my position she said “I don’t know.”  Well neither do I.

Rarely have I ever seen a show that was so well cast and the actors were so in sync with each other.  Yes you had to pay attention during the show to get all of the jokes  and other witty sarcasm, but that was almost as fun as the comedy itself.  Perhaps all of the studies “they” (who ever they are) may have a point when they say that Americans have lost any form of concentration or attention span.  Anyways, because Arrested Development went for three seasons, I decided to put one clip from each season onto this post for your enjoyment.  Let’s hope that more, and not less, shows like Arrested Development are syndicated in the future do not become relics.


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