If you really feel the need to watch some crap then 12 Rounds is for you.

15 Dec

This  “movie” could be one of the worst movies I have seen in the last five years.  In fact, I could not even sit through the entire show even in the comfort of my own home.  This movie has the tired and predictable theme of a policeman whose spouse or significant other gets kidnapped because of something or someone hidden in the officer’s past.  Of course the title gives away the trials and tribulations that the officer must do in order to save his beloved spouse.  In this particular case, detective Danny Fisher must successfully complete 12 challenges in order to retrieve his girlfriend.  Each challenge of course raises the bar to a new level of crap.

Naturally, each level of crap causes utter mayhem and destruction upon the city and surrounding areas while the tough and single-minded Fisher will not let anything deter him from his objective.  Not only is this plot embarrassingly stupid, but the acting is the equivalent of watching a high school Shakespeare play.  This movie is yet another example of Hollywood trying to buy its way into better films.  I’m sure someone figured that if you throw enough money and destructive action at an audience that the plot or story really becomes irrelevant.  Seems to me that they’re doing things in reverse order of making movie like 12 Rounds.  They have a bunch of action scenes where things get destroyed and then write the script to fill in the gaps.

As I mentioned, I got to about the fourth or fifth level of crap before I was swimming in it and  couldn’t take it anymore.  It felt like I was drowning in quicksand.  I sure hope this movie was not shown abroad because it would only further the stereotype that Americans are either Philistines or morons and we don’t need anymore that crap.  I still want my 45 minutes back.


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3 responses to “If you really feel the need to watch some crap then 12 Rounds is for you.

  1. Bonnie

    December 17, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    Have you seen this? I think you should watch it and then blog a reaction: I haven’t watched it yet myself (my volume is on mute because–ahem–I am trying not to wake the person snoring on the couch) so am curious to see if he mentions Red Cliff!


  2. Tim

    January 8, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    i have to agree on this movie. i think that the scenery was amazing but let the wrestlers stay in the fieid of fake action. They dont seem to fit the role for Hollywood



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