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J.P. Reviews “The King” in Spinout (1966).

The King, Elvis Presley (like I even need to mention his name), plays Mike McCoy a lead singer in a band and (as usual) a part-time race car driver trying to get by with his comrades all while he is being pursued by three different types of women wanting his hand in marriage.  The first is Les (my favorite), the tomboy red-headed female drummer of his band.  The second is a spoiled heiress and a Daddy’s girl.  The third is a famous book writer who specializes on men and how to reel one in.

In many of the reviews I’ve read about this movie, others seem to think that Spinout is not one of the King’s best or most memorable films, I think they are full of it.  One reason is that we get to see the King in his element: as a free spirited living on the edge race car driver caught up with multiple chicks.  Yes we have seen this before, but who cares?  Another item of interest is the band plays electric guitars or simulates playing them while the King sticks to his trademark regular wooden model.

Spinout wraps up nicely with a big race and you know the King is the winner while the race itself part of the fun.  Just so there are no loose ends, each of the women pursing the King find marriage (and presumably happiness) with other characters in the movie allowing the King remain the free spirited rambler he proclaims to be throughout the movie.

While no top 40 songs came out of this one for Elvis, he makes up for it in the vocal and comedy department.  Spinout is a great movie for fans of the King, the rest of you can go to hell.

Naturally a rose.


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