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Part II of this Sequel Didn’t Suck.

We left off where Fraga and Nascimento have figured out that the “militias” purportedly formed to protect the slums are actually armed tax collectors.  The corruption ultimately goes higher up than previously thought.  In a plan to help the governor win re-election, a group of disguised militia men raid a hostile district’s police station and steals a cache of weapons.  While the local police chief is being interviewed by a controversial journalist, he asks that the recorder be turned off.  The chief knows that the thieves were militia, since they used references and equipment that police, not dealers, use.   In the counter-attack planned by the corrupt cops Fabio assures the Secretary that these are the drug dealers, saying that he got this from a “reliable source.” Rocha, the “god father” of the slums uses his power to bring Matias back into BOPE, further weakening Nascimento’s power.  Nascimento is against this mission as he has over 300 hours of recorded phone calls with dealers, that reveal the dealers know nothing about the guns, but the Secretary orders him to schedule the attack on the last favela (revealing that the governor planned the raid himself).

Nascimento plans the attack, but he is concerned about the corrupt officers, who usually let the dealers through the station. Matias devises a plan; He and rest of the BOPE team will arrive dressed as patrol officers and replace the corrupt officers in the police station.  The next day, BOPE team arrives and wipes out the dealers.  Matias manages to subdue the main dealer and tortures him for the information, but the dealer keeps telling that they didn’t steal the guns.

The minute Rocha and Fabio arrive during Matias’s “interrogation” they immediately shoot the dealer.  Furious, Matias orders the rest of the BOPE soldiers to carry away the dealer’s body, and then he confronts Rocha.  Matias tells Rocha that he could manage to get the information, as doubts about the guns being at the dealer’s favelas, and orders Rocha and Fabio to give him the source’s name by the rest of the day.  As he storms off in anger knowing he has been played, Rocha shoots him in the back, murdering Matias.  Fabio is not happy since Matias has saved his life but Rocha orders his units to give them a 15-minute window before reporting Matias’s death and concocts an alibi that he wasn’t with Matias when he was killed.

Nascimento confronts Fabio at Matias’ funeral, promising to find Matias’ murderer.  Concerned, Nascimento uses his power to listen to calls from Fraga’s phone, because of Fraga’s influence in the politics.  Meanwhile, Clara, the journalist, goes into one of Rocha’s favelas to make a story about corrupt officers. She is foolish.  Clara goes to an apartment run by an old lady to give her an interview, unaware that she has been paid by Rocha as an informant, and she stalks them and makes a call to Rocha.  He arrives with his men, killing the reporter and raping and killing Clara.

Rocha takes Clara’s phone and burns it, but not before hearing Fraga on the phone, realizing that she has been talking to Fraga, who is shocked by this events.  Nascimento also hears this and records the data, taking it with him.  Realizing that Rocha is on his tail, Nascimento desperately tries to call Rosane, and he waits at her apartment.  Fraga, Rafael and Rosane arrive, and Nascimento tries to warn them about Rocha’s orders, but not before a drive by shooting seriously injuring Rafael.  Nascimento shoots one of the men and leaves with the trio, rushing Rafael to the emergency room.


As we stated before, the beginning of the movie is shown with Nascimento leaving the hospital and Rocha and his henchmen arrive and try to assassinate Nascimento.  But he is no fool and has his friends from BOPE in a backup car behind him.  He manages to defend himself from Rocha’s men, who barely escape after the failed attack.


Nascimento takes his men and confronts the Secretary, beating him and threatening that he will kill him and the rest of his corrupt men if anything ever happens to his son.  The next day, he is called on a trial in Brasilia and he testifies with Fraga for three long hours at the court, also regarding to dismiss BOPE.


In the aftermath, the governor is sentenced to a longtime sentence in prison, the Secretary is placed as the new governor, Fraga is still trying to enroll himself deeper in the politics, and many witnesses are killed so the militia officers can protect themselves.  Rocha is also killed on Fabio’s orders, with his body dumped into the sea.  Nascimento takes the Secretary position and still has control over BOPE, although much bigger now.  Nascimento ends his narration with the words: “And who is paying for all this? It must be expensive. Real expensive. That is the system, it’s tough.”

What is also tough is to compare the two movies.  While they are sequels, the films don’t take place where the first left off.  Elite Squad the Enemy Within takes place 13 years after the end of the first film.  So they really are almost 2 different movies with most of the same characters but, like in life, facing a new reality.  The film is shot using the same gritty, documentary style view for the audience and is just as violent when the violent hits.  All in all I would have to say these two movies are the best I’ve seen this year.  The Portuguese language is interesting to listen too, the story is great, the actors are perfectly cast and the filming technique is superb.



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