Taxi Brooklyn (2014): SEJ said “it should have gone another season but after that it was just a guy driving a cab.” I must admit it is a good analysis.

16 Oct

On Netflix I discovered late one night the series Taxi Brooklyn and watched it on a whim.  In fact I was under the impression that it was a Netflix production and not made for network TV.  Well I went on a Netflix “binge” and watched all 12 episodes.  I don’t know if it was just late at night or because it sort of had an unusual plot but I sort of enjoyed it.  I introduced the series to the rest of my household as well as a good friend N.W. who also enjoyed the series.  In fact t was NW who was visibly upset that the series was canceled leaving everyone hanging at the end of season one as well as informing me that it was a network production.

I tend to agree with SEJ, the series had another season in it and it’s too bad we didn’t get it.  As anyone who follows this site knows my aversion to American (especially) network TV.  I have not had “regular” TV or cable in well over a decade because I believe that almost all of the junk that passes for American network entertainment actually reduces you IQ instead opting for foreign (in particular Asian) TV.  I must admit every once and a while I stand corrected.  Obviously given the fact that not enough people watched the show to make it to a second season I am clearly in the vast minority.  I believe though that SEJ is right, this mule had some more life in it.

Taxi Brooklyn is the story of Caitlin “Cat” Sullivan who is an NYPD detective working in Brooklyn.  After her driving privileges are suspended for the umpteenth time, so she is forced to rely on Leo Romba, a Brooklyn cab driver from France.  Leo becomes Cat’s driver and a de facto consultant on her cases.  While solving crimes with Leo, Cat is also running her own unauthorized investigation into the death of her father, an NYPD detective thought to have been executed by the Capella crime family.  In doing so, she clashes with her boss, Captain Baker, and her ex-husband Gregg, who has picked up the case for the FBI.

Sound stupid?  Juvenile?  Thin?  Perhaps, but for some light late night mind candy it cut the proverbial mustard.

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Posted by on October 16, 2015 in Movie Reviews


One response to “Taxi Brooklyn (2014): SEJ said “it should have gone another season but after that it was just a guy driving a cab.” I must admit it is a good analysis.

  1. Jude Finestra

    October 28, 2015 at 8:49 pm

    I saw this dude, it was okay but that chick cop is mean to the cabbie. That is so not cool! She doesn’t even pay her fares.



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