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Dr. H Calls in Wall Street–Money Never Sleeps

Dr. H called in his thoughts on Wall Street–Money Never Sleeps. Here is his take:

Finally Oliver Stone’s magnum opus hits the theater (so far) with mixed reviews from the critics.

It is, in the final analysis, worth seeing for all the attention to detail Stone has put in. But like most of Oliver Stone’s movies, the movie for all of its visual and narrative brilliance has one flaw–it does not have a soul.

Shia LaBeouf is a wrong choice for the younger lead role–too green behind the ears. DiCaprio would have been a better choice.

Ditto for the female. Amy Adams would have been a better choice.

To understand the movie’s sub plots — and there are many — nothing less than an MBA or preferably a PHD in economics would suffice. There is just too much talk about hedge funds for my liking.

There is just so much of the frantic New York pace you can take then you start feeling dizzy. My recommendation is wait for the DVD — the editor’s cut, not the director’s.

For what it’s worth. Dr. H.


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