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I Really Should Explain the Rating System.

I realized that I had not formally explained how we rate movies here.  Well here we go, the JPF I’m Outta Here Movie Thoughts movie ratings scheme.  Going from a bad/crap movie to a great movie we have:

  • (1) The dung heap, if a movie is in the dung heap . . . well I think it is self-explanatory;
  • (2) Not crap.  If a movie is not crap that is the equivalent of the Catholic Church’s purgatory, not so bad but not great; then
  • (3) The rose.  If you remember our first post we are in search of those beautiful roses that grow out of the dung heaps.  If a movie gets a rose, watch it and (hopefully) you will enjoy.

Well that is it, pretty simple huh?



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