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Yes-Minister & Yes-Prime Minister Are British Shows That Should Still Be In Production.

The Brits have the full spectrum when it comes to TV series, some clearly belong in the dung heap, some are not crap and a few are even roses.  Yes Minister and its sequel Yes Prime Minister are roses by any other name.  Each series ran for only three seasons (very typical of the BBC) and were immensely popular in England as well as Europe.  Because it is English/European you will have the added benefit of coming off as very cosmopolitan when discussing it with friends.

The show is a satire of the bureaucratic civil service that typifies the workings of government.  The series has been described as a “closely observed portrayal of what goes on in the corridors of power [and] has given me hours of pure joy.”  Rt. Hon. Margaret Thatcher MP.   The three main characters Sir. Humphrey (head of the civil service), Bernhard (the minister’s private secretary) and Jim Hacker (the minister of administrative affairs) are trying to out maneuver each other in formulating and implementing clearly ridiculous government policies.  The supporting cast is equally as humorous as the “big three” in their involvement with the consistent tug-of-war between the civil service and the elected officials.

Both series are worthy of watching and each deserve a rose.


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