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I can’t believe I announced that the next review was JPFmovies’ 150th review and I got back doored with My Fair Lady!

There is treachery afoot! It is clear to me now how I was sandbagged by two girls (8 & 13 years old) and their mother. Conveniently when someone who shall remain nameless (Bonnie) was posting the My Fair Lady review, she obviously stumbled upon the counter showing that JPFMovies was on its 149th review and, after claiming she quote “published it,” after I announced our 150th review extravaganza, all of a sudden, My Fair Lady appeared in the “draft but unpublished” section of the site. Naturally, it was published and became by default review number 150.

Of course, these three fine ladies are feigning ignorance, claiming, among other things, that they just didn’t know that it was not published or how to publish it correctly. I find that hard to believe considering that one of the three has several websites on which she works and is a professional blogger. I have no doubt that the three conspired against JPFMovies to slip My Fair Lady into the prime slot of review number 150. The question is, what can I do about it? Answer: nothing. We will just have to keep a more vigilant eye on the behind the scenes production here at JPFMovies.

I still can’t believe I got sandbagged by those three girls.

–A Defeated JPFMovies


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