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This Movie is like an old friend–“Real Men” Jim Belushi and John Ritter.

Real Men (1987) starring John Ritter and Jim Belushi is an unknown quantity to many.  The movie didn’t do anything in the theaters, and get at best very infrequent airings on cable movie channels, but is has become a sort of cult classic (yes I agree that term is overused).  I normally reject movies with severe logic deficiencies—even comedies but Real Men has a special place in the comedy section of my DVD collection.  A movie like Real Men for many people is actually quite difficult to like.  Some might say it falls in the same class as “Hudson Hawk,” a different spoof that is as much vilified by its critics as it is glorified by its fans.  As for me and many of my friends, Real Men was an absolutely hilarious experience.

Belushi plays a womanizing super CIA agent who has to take Ritter, a less than average suburbanite, across the country to give aliens a glass of water in exchange for “the good package” or “the big gun.”  On the trip they have so many completely eccentric situations happening to them that I couldn’t help but be entertained.  Today the “zany” adventures of many so-called comedies are so strained that they are beyond being “not funny” and reach into the realm of annoying.  However Real Men has such an air of informality about it, that the films outlandish circumstances were seamless and even got this hardened cynic to suspend belief and laugh until there were tears in my eyes.

This one is definitely a rose, but a tough one to find.


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