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Rough Cut (2008)–Since Bonnie Can’t get her act together on Hero.

I apologize to all of our family here at JPFmovies for falling down on the job but I was trying to force bonnie to get her Hero review done before I put anything else up.  That was six months ago and just can’t take her inability to post a simple movie review anymore.

Su-ta (Kang Ji-hwan) is an aggressive, arrogant and spoiled movie star who not surprisingly routinely plays yakuza type gangster-roles and has a tendency to throw a punch in real life to increase his fame, but he seriously injures another actor on the set of his new film and the production is suspended as a result no other actor is willing to fill the role of his adversary.

Gang-pae (So Ji-sub) is a real, smooth gangster who despite his youth has risen to No. 2 in his organized crime ring.  He is the gang’s troubleshooter and top fighter.  He is also a big movie fan, often sneaking off alone to watch flicks.  One night, Gang-Pae hears that Su-Ta is drinking in the same bar and he orders one of his men to get Su-ta’s autograph.  The short-tempered Su-ta refuses and this leads to a confrontation between Gang-Pae and Su-Ta.

A few days later, Su-Ta critically injures yet another actor while filming a fight scene.  Filming now comes to a halt, because no other actors will work with the short tempered and spoiled movie star.  Su-ta then thinks backs to his confrontation with Gang-Pae and recalls Gang-Pae mentioning he performed as an extra in a film before.  He then contacts Gang-Pae and offers him the co-starring role.  Gang-pae agrees, but with one condition: instead of simulated blows, they will fight for real in front of the cameras.

As production of the movie moves forward, Gang-Pae starts falling down on his day job as the deputy chief gangster (as  well as kicking Su-Ta’s ass in the scenes).  The “chairman” of the gang loses patience and eventually refuses to see him (he is in jail awaiting trial).  This is not good news for Gang-Pae and his men are forced to take emergency action to protect themselves and their organization.  I am not going to spoil the ending to encourage you to watch the film, but I will say that it concludes with a punch to your nose, and its final image will linger in your memory.

Rough Cut’s interesting premise delves into parallel stories involving Gang-pae’s gangster life, the filming of the movie within a movie, and Su-ta’s shallow personal life.  If the story seems convoluted don’t worry, it is linear and doesn’t bother to delve more than skin deep examining those issues.  The film’s focus is rather on two men and their violent confrontations on screen.  Ji-seob So becomes an incredibly charismatic figure.  Using his calm, cool demeanor that houses a monsoon of emotions underneath, Ji-seob So quickly takes over the film until it is literally his movie.  His counterpart (and good friend in real life) Ji-hwan Kang, performs satisfactorily as “Su-ta,” but there is a mile difference between their screen presence.  Rough Cut has what it takes to win you over with ease.

Watch it, it has all of the elements of a good JPFmovies film—which is hard to come by.  And yes Dangerous you will like the choreography of the fights scenes in this film.


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