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The Oscars–Dr. H and his Plan.

I have noticed a number of comments that are asking about the 100th movie review extravaganza we are planning here and wanted to give you the straight dope. Dr. H and I will be posting the details in a day or two–so look out ’cause it is going to involve a great giveaway!


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The jpfmovie Giveaway!

Ok all of you movie fans out there, jpfmovies is going to giveaway two new movies of your choice shipped to you anywhere in the world. The winners are chosen at random from your comments on the next two movie reviews i.e. one winner for each review and you can’t win twice. Each movie will be brand new and shipped to you directly from the vendor. Just make sure to leave an email or some other way that you can be contacted if you’re the winner.

The giveaway is our way of saying thanks to all of you movie fans out there who take the time to visit!


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