You know we here at JPFmovies typically don’t have a lot of respect for most redux. In fact we often trash them. So I asked Dr. H to take a look at Point Break (2015) so we can compare and contrast it with the original 1991 film starring the deceased Patrick Swaze.

27 Dec

As you know we here at JPFmovies are pretty tough on re-makes.  So when I heard there was a re-make of the 1991 film Point Break—a classic despite Mr. K Reeves—we sent Dr. H into the field to assess the damage.  Here are his thoughts.

The best analogy is that he was approached by a smooth car salesman selling him a huge truck that he doesn’t need; it had a fine interior but gets horrible mileage and after the initial infatuation wore off he realized just how bad a deal it was.  When it is all said and done, the V-8 is too much and you’ll never use that much trunk space.

Coming back to Point Break Redux, the stunts are nonsensical even if you allow the customary suspension of disbelief.  Like crashing through glass windows on motorcycles with parachutes to ride away into the sunset.  Only going to further prove that we believe Hollywood has been reduced to making a number of action scenes and merely stringing them together with some insipid dialogue.

Now to the original 1991 classic.  The direction was so good that Mr. Reeves could not do too much damage with his expressionless face and robotic voice.  The word on the street is that when they were teaching actors how to use tone and pitch to augment a delivery line he was in the bathroom.  That said, excellent performances by Patrick Swaze and Gary Busey and the great portrayal of the beaches and natural lighting give the film an excellent look and feel.  Moreover, the actions scenes appear plausible when compared to the motorcycles flying through the glass windows parachuting to the earth making their getaway.

That brings us to an interesting question.  Why are they trying to milk these great old films like Grease, Point Break and National Lampoons Vacation (previously reviewed)?  Because the writers have run out of ideas.  The studios need to invest too heavily in the stars and special effects that there is nothing left for the most important part: the story.  That is why we here at JPFmovies believe that all the good stories are coming out of Asia and Europe—they have not fallen into the seductive trap of taking the easy way out by making a few action scenes and then trying to fill in the space with whatever dialogue they can come up with at a bargain basement price.

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