Thanks to our friends at Netflix, JPFmovies has returned to watching SOME western entertainment.

09 Jun

We here at JPFmovies have said in the past that our Asian friends across the sea have the right idea when it comes to TV series; that is, Korean, Japanese and Hong Kong TV shows are often one run of either 5, 10 or around 20 episodes (with the exception their historical time pieces which are usually 45 episodes) and that is it.  They don’t drag out shows until they die a slow painful death like the ones grinding out of Hollywood.  Series like The City Hunter (20 episodes) (running on Netflix) a Korean show previously reviewed here, Legal High (10 episodes a Japanese show about an eccentric lawyer), Bartender (a 4 episode show about a prize winning bartender and his rise to become the head of a fabulous hotel), NHK’s annual historical time piece like Musashi (previously reviewed here 39 episodes) an NHK tradition dating back to the late 1960’s, the list goes on and on.  My point here is not re-hash or recycle an old post, but to say I think Netflix got the message.

We here at JPFmovies can be pretty tough on the entertainment industry, but we also will give credit is credit is due and in our opinion it looks like our friends at Netflix got it right.  I have seen some marvelous 10 or so episode series they have produced or picked up.  Typically these shows involve “no-name” actors, very interesting historical events or original topics and frankly can be so addictive that we have been neglecting our site.  Netflix series like Marco Polo, Turn (the American revolutionary spy), Brooklyn Taxi (a show about a detective who loses her driver license and is forced to hire a full time taxi driver while she is on the job), Borgia the influential family of renaissance Italy and more all seem to follow what the Asians had figured out long ago.  We don’t say this very often but nice work Netflix for thinking outside of the tired American entertainment box.  Keep up the good work Netflix, I believe your fan base will grow if you stick to these simple rules.  I’ve often asked where have all the good writers gone, and I think I just got my answer.

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