I just acquired the original Buck Rogers series starring Gil Gerard, Erin Grey, Tim O’Conner and Felix Silva as Twiki (1979-1981).

07 Apr

Though I have not yet made it through this Glen A. Larson production, I can see why it didn’t get past the second season but I can’t stop watching it.  The series sets a new low yet for acting and content but I am somehow drawn to it.  Watching Erin Grey sure takes me back but the real hook seems to be Twiki the adjunct robot what was played by midget Felix Silva and given a voice by the legendary Mel Blanc.

I am torn by this series–it is so bad that I seem to enjoy it.  It contains every stereo-type that is out there and many of the sets are from the original Battle Star Galactica Series (also a Glen Larson Production) but it has an almost hypnotic hold over me.  I can’t break free, I think I need help.

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