Ok here is part 2 of our look at Battle Star Galactica the Old vs. the New.

12 Mar

We left off with our theory that the new creators of BSG 2 took the original as a starting but really made a new original series out of it by taking the viewer into much more depth and in a much more detailed and different direction.  Yet, the original series was, in my opinion, more revolutionary in its day as it was produced on the heels of Star Wars and, though its special effects seem dated, to say the least, by today’s standards, they were cutting-edge in the late 1970s.

The original Battle Star Galactica was produced shortly after the legendary film Star Wars was released. How can you compete with that?  You can’t, but many of the special effects Lucas used were incorporated into the TV series which made the original show special effects wise superior to its contemporaries.  The story was also original.  It had the fleet of star ships with a handful of human beings running from killing machines bent on the human race’s destruction.

The new BSG took the original theme and really seemed to run with it.  The characters were much more developed, the plot line significantly more complex (for instance the institution of a civilian government) and much was talked about things other than a few Viper pilots– in relative contrast to its predecessor.

Also the musical score for BSG 2 was really much better than expected. So in short while the original was revolutionary for its time the sequel also had its own merits hence its extreme popularity and one point.

Naturally your thoughts and comments are welcome.

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