Robocop Is Another Sad Re-Make

18 Mar

I knew this would be the case!

RoboCop-2014-HD-Wallpapers-e1380690800674 I’ve said on many occasions, re-makes are a very tricky element. It doesn’t matter if it’s the re-make of a good movie or a bad one. Unfortunately, every writer and director thinks they can improve on a film or make their movie better than it was originally done. Usually the reason a film was successful in the first place was because of originality. When you remove a key aspect of a movie’s success, you are already starting from behind.

One of the many re-makes is the recently released Robocop. Robocop is based on the 1987 movie in which a badly injured police officer is used as an experimental new hybrid robot/human police officer in an effort to clean up the streets of the violence in futuristic Detroit. With Peter Sellers in the original and almost iconic role, as far as action fanatics are concerned, the original Robocop was cool and…

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