That is it; I’ve had it with Hollywood. Why? Simple their re-make of the 47 Ronin has already pushed me over the edge.

27 Jul

Recently I was informed that a remake of the legendary Japanese tale of the 47 Ronin was set to be released around Christmas 2013. However, I was also warned not to watch any of the trailers. Like a fool, I did not listen and took it upon myself to search out the “official” trailers on You Tube. To my horror I saw them. Not only is Hollywood stealing one of the greatest legends of Japan but, based on the trailers I’ve seen, desecrating it. It looks like there is some huge fantasy angle to it because you see some dragons and other strange creatures. Even though they are just the trailers, every line I heard out the Keanu Reeve’s mouth was from the planet cornball and predictability. I don’t particularly care if Hollywood wants to make some fantasy quasi-samurai movie but for all our sakes don’t call it the 47 Ronin!

I happen to believe that Japan should lodge an official protest with the United States government and/or sue the makers of this film for making excrement out of a legend based on a true story. Is Hollywood really as creatively bankrupt as Detroit is financially? I think so.

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