My Fair Lady: “It was funny and it didn’t have a lot of kissing.”

04 Oct

Guest reviewers Emma (age 13) and Sally (age 8) have agreed to provide this review of the Audrey Hepburn (with singing by Julie Andrews) and Rex Harrison classic My Fair Lady in interview format. For those philistines who may not have seen this film, it is a remake of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, about a British professor of phonetics who makes a bet that he can transform a flower girl with an atrocious accent into a duchess suitable for presentation at an Embassy ball.

Emma and Sally have chosen their favorite scenes, three of which are clipped below.

How did you like this movie?

Sally: It was funny and it didn’t have a lot of kissing.

Emma: It was weird.

Would you watch it again if you had the chance?

Sally: Yes.

Emma: Probably.

Sally: I gave a definite answer!

Who was your favorite character?

Sally: Eliza.

Emma: Eliza.

What did you think of Henry Higgins’ attitudes toward women?

Sally: Kind of cruel.

Emma: Weird.

What did you think of Henry Higgins’ teaching methods?

 Sally: Bad. Very bad. He put marbles in her mouth and when she swallowed one he said he had plenty more.

Emma: Strange.

Sally: Crazy?

What did you think when Henry Higgins’ mother commented, “Henry! What a disagreeable surprise”?

 Sally (laughing): It was so funny!

Emma: Well, it was funny.

Is it true in our society that how you talk affects how people treat you?

 Sally: No.

Emma: No.

Sally: Not at all. Definitely not at all.

Emma: Only grammar teachers.

Sally: Oh, yeah. But that doesn’t really affect how they treat you.

Emma: Well, they might scold you or correct you.

Did you like how Eliza talked better at the beginning or end of the movie?

 Emma: At the beginning.

Sally: Both, they’re equally good — actually, the beginning was funnier.

Which was better, Cinderella’s ball or My Fair Lady’s ball?

 Sally: My Fair Lady‘s ball.

Emma: My Fair Lady‘s ball.

Would you rather watch this movie or an episode of King of the Hill?

 Emma: That depends. What episode?

Sally: That’s a cruel question! They’re equally good!

Should JPFMovies give this movie a rose, a rosebud, or…?

 Sally: A rose because it’s the best.

Emma: A rose.

Sally (singing): A rose a rose a rose, a rose!

What rating do you think JPFMovies would give this movie?

 Sally: Well, he didn’t want to watch it, so obviously he wouldn’t like it.

Emma: Has he even seen it? I don’t know.

Final comments:

 Emma (upon reading the review): What! We never agreed to provide this review!

Sally: We did not agree to provide information for this review! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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2 responses to “My Fair Lady: “It was funny and it didn’t have a lot of kissing.”

  1. Kathie

    October 10, 2011 at 12:57 am

    Great review, girls! I want to read more!

    (Although I’m not sure I agree with you that people aren’t judged by the way they speak.)



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