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Well since Silver is unsure and Dangerous doesn’t know . . . Here we go.

Our next series of reviews is about Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645). He was an invincible samurai from Japan’s Edo period and is arguably the greatest swordsman to ever live. Musashi taught himself the art of sword fighting and won his first duel at the age of thirteen when he accepted a challenge “ging” from a wandering samurai to a duel. The samurai posted an open challenge to anyone in the village a challenge that Musashi accepted. Musashi didn’t even use a real sword, he used a wooden one to bludgeon his opponent to death. Before Musahsi was 21, he singlehandedly defeated the most prestigious sword fighting school in Kyoto. And when I say the entire school I mean it. Over his lifetime Musashi won over sixty duels, some of them against multiple enemies, and fought successfully in three major military campaigns, including the defense of Osaka Castle.

Despite his fame and legendary abilities, there are surprisingly few films involving Musashi and we are going to take a look them. Hopefully you will agree that Musashi deserves this unprecedented series of reviews.


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