Mike C Comes in With Some Thoughts on Red Cliff.

21 Apr

Red Cliff Part 1 & 2:

I’ll say this much about the movie – I hope they recycled those arrows. No wonder we worry about the green house effect and global warming! How many trees did the battle scenes take to produce all those arrows?

If this is based on a true story, then this event certainly reduced the human population of China and saved all of us from over population! I mean, if that many soldiers died, imagine what the world would be like today if they hadn’t!

Overall great movie. I don’t often like reading subtitles, but I gave it a shot. Lots of action. Lots of arrows.


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2 responses to “Mike C Comes in With Some Thoughts on Red Cliff.

  1. Bonnie

    April 21, 2010 at 4:32 am

    Thanks for reminding us all of the glory of Red Cliff, Mike! You have to admit that the subtitles are worth it. Besides you’re looking at the screen anyway, so, might as well read something while your eyes are pointed that way…if you ask me, the only drawback of subtitles is that you can miss some of the dialogue if you happen to be knitting while you watch.

    I wonder what Woo did do with all those arrows? Could have been a great public relations strategy…give a real Red Cliff arrow to every moviegoer until they were gone…or maybe he has another arrow-intensive movie in mind and is saving them?



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