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I Can’t Believe They Put “Miami Vice” On This Movie.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but we are not limited here to current movies, we will talk about and rate movies from any and all time periods, genres and national origins.  Today we go back to 2006 and the 1980’s when we look at Miami Vice the movie.

I am shocked that Michael Mann, maker of the great series that defined the 1980’s Miami Vice (Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas) directed the 2006 big screen version of the classic TV show.  How could someone who created the original Manhunter (1986) fall from grace so quickly?

Not only were the performances by Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell so terrible that they should be arrested for bad acting, but I still don’t know what the movie is actually about—and I watched it several times to try and figure it out.

I know movies are a time for a break from reality, but this movie would have you believe Crocket and Tubs are some form of super cop, racing boats in the opening scene, driving Ferraris like Mario Andretti and then flying an Adam A500 twin piston engine plane— a rare plane (a little more than ½ a dozen were made) that is almost considered a light jet.  I mean come on, choose one maybe two out of the three but that is it.

Miami Vice (2006) serves as the foundation of the dung heap, I wanted my two hours back and so will you.


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