Bad Lieutenant—The Original Not That New Crap

20 Dec

One of the great things I always associate with the Bad Lieutenant is sports radio talk show commentary lurking in the background of the film discussing the New York Mets eventual comeback against the L.A. Dodgers.  Why?  Because my brother, like the Lieutenant, is a hard core sports gambler and he constantly reminded me of where he was, what he was doing and how much money he had on any particular game.  My brother also reminisces about hearing the same clips played in the movie, except that he heard them live.

In this movie, Keitel plays a degenerate New York cop, with massive drug, gambling, and sex addictions.  Ironically this corrupt cop is investigating the rape of a nun which leads to his eventual “salvation” or as saved as the Lieutenant could get.  There is plenty of grit in this movie so it is not for the naïve or squeamish.  The film has two ingredients that help make it a rose.  First it is original, there is no cliché story line here and second is Keitel’s acting which is almost disturbingly real.

If you are going to go see The Bad Lieutenant Port of Call—or what ever it is, you owe it to yourself to see this one first.

Oh by the way, you can watch this movie on a date, but my significant other warns that you should not expect yourself or your date to be feeling particularly amorous afterward.

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